5/25 – Sunfishageddon


Went down to a few different spots around noon – Skillet fork, John’s Branch and Fulton Creek. Still bottom fishing, hoping for a few for my list – Black Bullhead, Yellow Bullhead, White Suckers, etc.

Right off the bat, caught a creek chub

20150525_131935Now, this is the first “large” creek chub I caught – I’ve only ever caught them via Microfishing.

The rest of the afternoon was very fast action on green sunfish and longears.






Ran into three snakes, first two I didn’t get a good look at – but I am pretty sure they were young Northern Water Snakes – I think this is a rat snake of some sort, but I am not even close to a snake expert.


Unfortunately, my cellphone was dead. I had left “location” on, and ever since the last update my phone drains rapidly when location services are on – and gets hot to the touch.

Anyway, Rich Crouse and I went to a private pond with his brother and his brother’s girlfriend. We caught a silly amount of bluegill – some where pretty good sized. Rich tried out the microfishing, and had a good time. There are some very large stocked catfish there, we may go back and try for them later!


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