6/18/15 – Fishin’ in the Dark

I had to come home from Dwight early to take care of some things at work and to go to band practice at church. I had my fishing gear, the weather was clear and I wasn’t quite tired, so I headed over to the Salem Reservoir.


Sunfish were feeding hard on the surface. I had some poppers and flies and thought about it for a second, but I decided to see if I could add some bullheads to my 50 species collection. I caught a Brown Bullhead in Ohio, but I still needed yellow and black. Didn’t end up seeing a black bullhead, but caught some small yellows.

Yellow Bullhead - Ameiurus natalis – Angling Species #42 / 2015 Species #41
Yellow Bullhead – Ameiurus natalis – Angling Species #42 / 2015 Species #41

The yellow and black bullheads can look pretty similar, except for their chin whiskers. I guess I should call them barbels. Chin whiskers sounds better though.

We are about half-way through the year, and I only have nine species left for my goal. I started with no specific species goals in mind, but now I’m really thinking about individuals.

I know that I could wait till the Mazon river is low, and probably catch with decent certainty Orangespotted Sunfish, A couple of redhorse species and Northern Sunfish (maybe pumpkinseed too).

Between there, the Kankakee, Heideke Lake and Mazonia / Braidwood. I could target Mooneye, Goldeye, Pickerel, Northern Pike, Musky, Wipers, Hogsuckers, White Suckers, Gar, etc. Sangchris isn’t too far for striped bass. Carlyle has all three buffalo, Goldeye, Flatheads, etc.

That’s not even counting microfishing.

All in all, I have started to narrow things down to big “target groups”

  1. Horseshoe Lake (Alexander County) Area – Lots of good species there. Gar, Orangspotted Sunfish, etc.
  2. S.E. Missouri – Warmouth, Chain Pickerel, tons of unique micros – make my way over to pick up some shadow bass!?
  3. Dwight Area – Tons of species I need
  4. Embarras River – Suckers, Redhorse, etc.
  5. Carlyle – Buffalo, Flatheads
  6. Lake Michigan – Charter for Trout / Salmon
  7. Ice Fishing – I REALLY want to catch a Burbot.

Those all offer best bang:buck.

Of course, I would love to hit the American Shad run on the east coast, pickup Jumprocks in Georgia, Run around Saltwater Fishing (If I lived by the coast, my original goal would have been 150!), And catch two of the “holy grail” – Blue Suckers and American Eel. Both are hard to predict where to find, and a little luck is involved.

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