7/5/15 – John’s Branch

While we were in Iuka swimming, I took the 4-wheeler back down to John’s Branch to see what the flow was like. The deeper pools were FULL of huge bullfrog tadpoles and a large carp. I found a couple little riffles with small darters in them, but they were too small to catch on the hooks I had. I tried to find larger ones, but I mostly caught these bad boys in possible hiding spots:


I started poking around for other fish, and my first one was a new lifer:

Redfin Shiner - Lythrurus umbratilis – Angling Species #43 / 2015 Species #42
Redfin Shiner – Lythrurus umbratilis – Angling Species #43 / 2015 Species #42

I ended up catching lots of fish, probably juvenile creek chub and redfins, as well as a handful of small sunfish.

20150705_142223 20150705_144234 20150705_144642 20150705_144804


It was getting close to time to head back, but I hooked one last fish, and another new lifer.

Western Mosquitofish – Gambusia affinis – Angling Species #44 / 2015 Species #43

I’m getting a lot closer to that 50 mark!



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