The Modern Hunter-Gatherer

To start off, here is our slideshow:

Great class last night! I think we will be able to set up a “field trip” to go out and identify some of these plants. Shooting for the end of summer / early fall, so we can hit the biggest variety. Many of the greens won’t be as tasty as they would be now, but we can see the plants with fruit on them much better, and catch the tail end of some mushroom production.

As far as buckeyes go, the Ohio Buckeye (AKA Fetid Chestnut, Horse Chestnut, Aesculus glabra) are toxic and can cause paralysis and death.

The American Chestnut, members of the beech family, are very edible (apparently if roasted over an open fire). They are far less common since we started importing oriental chestnuts, which introduced chestnut blight and all but wiped out the American Chestnut. Fortunately there are several efforts underway to take remaining American Chestnuts and back-cross them or genetically modify them to create a hybrid variety that retains the characteristics of the original American Chestnut tree.

Also remember to check out Green Dean’s Eat The Weeds website! He has lots of great information about edible plants in North America.

Finally, here are a bunch of books and DVDs to check out:

A little behind :(

Got a little behind on adding the links for the last couple class downloads!

Also, here are the videos we watched in Phenology:

But in other news, I will be leaving my current full time job to freelance for myself – that means more time for gardening classes!