5/16 and 5/24/15 Fishing Notes

5/16 – Early Morning at Carlyle


I headed out for some sunrise fishing at Kaskaskia River. It was overall a pretty slow bite, with random hits. Carp were really out sunning in the backwaters near the Suspension Bridge.


I did end up catching a handful of small channel, drum, and bluegill. Down in the main channel, I also caught a small green sunfish on micro gear.





It was nearly time for me to leave, so I started walking back to the truck. On a whim, I through out a curly tail one last time and caught a new lifer / 2015 species. I’ve caught many black crappie, but this was my first white crappie:

White Crappie – Pomoxis annularis – Angling Species #36 / 2015 Species #35

5/24 – Skillet Fork

Skillet fork held a large number of micros of various kinds, but I didn’t have any tenago hooks with me to go after them. I set up a Carolina rig – this spot holds suckers, gar, yellow bullhead and lots of other backwater species. I couldn’t do anything but catch longear and green sunfish – they hit about every cast. I was also visited by a small group of ducklings, snapping turtles, and a northern water snake.

20150524_121110 20150524_130030 20150524_125610 20150524_125203 20150524_122008


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