Daughter’s First Fish

This past Sunday I headed up to Shelbyville spillway to try to add some species to my 50 fish challenge. Overall, I didn’t see many fish come out of the water. Ben Cantrell┬ácame down, and managed to pull out a Common Carp. Earlier that morning I had a musky hit a double-bladed chartreuse spinnerbait so hard that it flew out of the water, but even with a trailer hook it didn’t get hooked. Otherwise, I saw a couple smallish walleye and a buffalo get caught. I started right at the gates at sunrise, and worked my way down past the bridge. Skunked for the first time this year.

However, I took my daughter down to Catfish Pond in Centralia Foundation Park and we hooked her first fish together. We missed the first few, as I was trying to teach her how to set the hooks. She ended up being the designated bobber watcher, and told me when it went under. I set the hook for her, and she reeled it in. I ran some more line out and let her reel it in one more time. She threw it back in by herself, but she drew the line at giving it a kiss. I’ll count this one as a catch for both of us :)

Bluegill – Lepomis macrochirus – 2015 Species #10 – Annabelle’s FIRST FISH!


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